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Thread: Malphas

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    America is in flames, The EU want our money, our fish, and no say. They want to enslave us. Russia would walk in and destroy us if they could.

    Isis etc just want to kill, and are good at it. Now China has poisoned the world and wages war economically against the world, it will destroy Hong Kong, and the world will follow, if they can do it.

    The floodlights at the Abbey Stadium have been there as long as I can remember, and are very tall. On top live ravens or crows, you will only notice them if your bored, or a game is on.

    Malphas is a fallen angel, a third of all angels fell from heaven. He takes the form of a Raven or a human, as a human he has a raucous voice.

    Here is his CV.

    Malphas, A grand president of hell who commands forty legions. He builds citadels and impregnable towers, breaks down enemy barricades, finds good workers, gives familiars, will receive sacrifices, but deceives sacrificers.

    Malphas is a great president, he is seen like a crow, but being bathed with a humane image speakestt with a hoarse voice, he buildeth houses and tall towres, wonderfullie brings artificers together, he throweth down the enemies edifications, he helpeth good familliars , and recieveth good sacrifices wiiligly but decieveth the sacrificers, ther obie fortie legions.

    I have used the words from bygone days.

    Evil ravages this planet. There are many many demons.

    Barry Fry lifted a gypsy curse at Birmingham City Things got seriously better. The board at United will laugh at this, as they are red, and don't believe in god. If you believe in god, as I do, then demons must exist. There are many walking this earth as humans, no explanation necessary. Oh, ok , just visit a prison or a hospital for the criminally insane, no I don't recommend the latter.

    Malphas, sits on the Abbey laughing. Its the only explanation for the torrent of trash off the pitch over 25 years, comoflaged as progress.

    As for the planet, we are losing. What I mean by " we" is light, not darkness.

    Jason of Maids Causeway p.s, forty legions?, we cant muster a single good man. Will heaven march in our defense……..?

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    What you need is a good exorcism, Frank, though you might need it to come from an Archbishop, or a Cardinal, to get rid of Malphas. He and I were having a good laugh about it only last week.

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    I knew you would communicate Malphas, I didn't think it would be through griffe. You can dominate the gnat, while Satan spreades his wings arounde the worlde spreading diseases. Do not have overconfidence, as you wille burn in the lake of fire for eternity, and your legioonnes will be put to the sworde.

    You do pain me as your dominance at Newmarket road, but that will passe, surely your power is greater? Maybe I am mistaken. Gnats dominate gnats.


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