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Thread: Are you missing football?

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    No lost all interest

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    I think itís worth taking into account that unless thereís an international tournament football is usually done and dusted at this time of year.

    If Iím missing anything itís watching non league.

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    I miss the football itself but not as much as I thought I may. On the other hand I'm missing the social side a lot. Whatever happens I still won't be subscribing to Sky for my behind closed door football. Radio, tw@tter updates, freeview channels or dodgy links with a few cans only. If things stay the way they are attendance wise though I could see myself walking away from the game full stop. It's much easier to slip out of habits than regain them once they've been replaced by others.

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    Nope, nor me.

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    Looking forward to it but I've shed no tears.

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    I guess I'm missing sport in general not just football.
    Grand Prix and 'Track and Field Athletics'.
    The social side is the biggest loss though associated with the sports attended.
    If the same social distancing limit is still in place for next season the existing season ticket holders won't all be able to get in.
    We'll have to ban away support so we can utilise the Smethwick End.


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    The last few months have put football in perspective for me, not missed it and I hate watching us on TV so it's going to be difficult to get back into it if and when it does re-start.

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    Not missing it at the moment, probably because it’s Summer and I’m not much interested in international football. I’m missing Test Cricket and live music. Come September, though, I will probably miss the football, as I don’t think that there is a chance in Hell that we will be back at the Hawthorns by then. It will be the social part of the match day as much as anything else, the curry, beers and chat in the pub that I will miss.

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