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Thread: Boris is PROUD..!

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    Unhappy Boris is PROUD..!

    Highest COVID-19 death rate in Europe and Blow Job is PROUD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Highest COVID-19 death rate in Europe and Blow Job is PROUD!
    Wow BT hes really getting under your skin now eh ,

    Id dread to think what youd have moaned about if this disaster hadnt happend

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    Even the local blue-rinsed lifetime Tory voters who live across the road from me think Blow job is out of his depth. Hard to disagree.

    We are now told our "world beating" track and trace system will not be "fully operational" until September. FFS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by army88 View Post
    Wow BT he’s really getting under your skin now eh ,

    I’d dread to think what you’d have moaned about if this disaster hadn’t happend
    I like experts, I listen to experts...

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    Karma will get this dude. It always does. Sic semper tyrannis…

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    The lying scum bag reneges on his promise not to import chlorinated chicken from the US. Does Blow Job chicken out of everything?

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    This issue is bloody important.

    If we leave the EU with no deal then a 40% tariff will be imposed on our sheep. Currently a large proportion of our meat is sold in the EU without tariffs. This will have a devasting effect on our farming industry.

    But it is worse than this.

    If we do a trade deal with the USA they will undoubtedly insist that we buy their meat, chicken etc. which are generally produced at much lower standards than apply currently with us following EU regulations, which are very high.
    The EU doesn't allow American chicken etc to be imported into the EU (including us) because the quality is far too poor.

    An upcoming trade deal with the USA will inevitably mean that our food standards would have to drop in order for us to accept the American food.

    And if we drop our food standards then we will be unable to sell our sheep, chicken etc into the EU because we wouldn't meet their food hygiene standard, even with the 40% tariff.

    And it looks like in future the current need to display the country of origin on our food will not be necessary, so we don't know if we will be eating the Amarican low level stuff or not.

    A lot of our farmers will struggle.

    Not good, eh?

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    You must know by now 59er that I am a great lover of America and the folks who live there. One thing I know for certain is the supermarkets and food halls are jam packed with fabulous produce. I will have to research the ins and outs of chlorinated chicken because I know you get very hot under the collar when this subject comes up.

    Where's sinkov when you need him?

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    Just read the links you put up from the Indy!!

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