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Thread: Cameron McGeehan

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    Cameron McGeehan

    Looks awful tonight playing for Pompey , i like the lad , but on his performance against Oxford , so far he looks poor , i can't work out where he is supposed to be playing , should we sell him ? I doubt we would get half the fee back we paid , around 900k I believe , another waste ? # Free Bambo BLM !

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    Iz gorra tow on that lad carrying all that weight of hair on his eead. Id looiz heyf his body weight if he gorra decent haircut. He shud tuck his quiff in his shin pads.
    Will be a decent squad player in Third Division next season. Certainly better than Ritzmaier

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    Normally reliable in league one , did well last season I thought in the defensive midfield role .
    Falls short in the Championship for me .

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