Iíve just been watching the game from the Hawthorns between two teams who have dreams of reaching the PL. Lately it has become pretty obvious and very predictable, that any direct free kicks around the edge of the box are totally wasted. You know whatís going to happen. The wall lines up , the free kick gets taken and either hits the wall or goes well over the bar. These are supposed to be advantageous positions for the attacking teams , but for some reason they donít even force the Ďkeepers to break sweat.
In these days when defences are getting more street wise, you would think more emphasis would be put on getting the most benefit from these positions. After all, they are working with the ball all week , and most clubs have coaches specifically for these situations. I could at least lift the ball over a wall and get the goalie to make a save. The pitches are perfect so whatís the problem.? Is it me being particular or do others think the same ?