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If you are to be regarded as a professional club you have to get things right off as well as on the pitch. Just recently we as a club have let the fans down with one or two minor things, no update on the fans efforts for the virtual Match day, live streaming of the Rangers game and keeping our over seas fans updated with increase of season streaming tickets. We don’t have the biggest support in the league and don’t want to start losing the fans we have because of a lack of communication
The club, within hours of the problems on the Rangers stream, said: "the unexpected late change to the kick-off time caused issues, as resources had to be quickly redeployed to allow the stream to be able to be broadcast. This was not an easy task, but our providers did everything within their power to ensure we were able to carry the match.

Planned maintenance on the streaming servers was also due to take place at 8pm and, unfortunately, this could not be immediately rescheduled, which caused some of you to be unable to get onto the live website for a spell around that time.

Both of these factors were out of the ordinary and we are confident things will be smoother for our first home league match against Dundee United."

What more do you want them to communicate about it?