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Robin - I sometimes think the silence from India is apathy, more than anything else. We're a minor element in the Venky's portfolio.
With everything going on in india and the severe financial losses Venkys have seen, they will have almost forgotten they owned a football club. Which is insignificant to them and their problems. They won't be be able to put any money in now. Not for a long time. They may well ask the question, we where asked for money last week last season and provided it. And this was on the basis that we would improve. Like any investment. And while they know nothing about football, I'm not sure they can have the wool fully pulled over their eyes. Like the fans have been sold a lie. Not so sure it will wash with them anymore. Either way, the world is now a different place than it was 12 months ago. They will maybe still agree to put the money into the academy. And cover wages. But I believe they will suggest a player or 2 be sold, and he would make do with what he had.

I also wonder who out there is questioning this European network Mowbray has been bull****ting us all about that has been costing our club alot of money. That unearthed Holtby, a bloke who was released and had no club. Therefore we do not need a luxury of a European scouting network that unearths nobody but costs our club alot of money. I'm questioning it, but I know about football. And I know bull**** when I hear it. Venkys don't.