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Thread: Stress and Anxiety

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    Stress and Anxiety

    Hi folks

    Sorry about my long break from the forum. Unfortunately I've had problems with stress and anxiety and this even forced me to get official leave from work from my gp.

    I've been through more personal stuff this last year or 2 than probably all my life before it and it just got too much for me in the end.

    However albeit the stress has not gone away yet, still a lot of stuff hanging over me, I feel I can at least try and get one or 2 things back on track, one of them being interacting with you guys again.

    What an amazing season we've had, despite all the crap that has gone on with covid 19, we done the job, and are now back in the Premier League.

    Just a reminder, do you remember when I said we would win the league with 28 wins, 9 draws and 9 losses? I was right! (eventually, just one season out lol)

    I hope all of you are safe and well, I hope none of you have suffered through this c19 situation, and I hope you will all get through this unscathed.

    I have spent some time this morning going through the most recent 10 pages on here, doesn't look like I've actually missed all that much lol, read some of the threads and by and large I agree with a lot of what's been said.

    Whitestomper thanks for asking about me, hopefully the above answers one or two questions.

    Onwards and upwards now folks, finally we have a reason to watch match of the day again!

    I'm sure I'll get back to posting some debatable threads like I used to lol, keep an eye out for those lol

    Good to be back folks, enjoy preseason and the summer transfer window, could be our most important one for about 16 seasons!

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    Welcome back you miserable fecker

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    Good to hear from you Clive. Keep the chin up mate.

    And not sure posting on here helps with stress or anxiety. It seems to esculate on here at times!

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    Great to have you back Clive.
    Every end has a start !
    MOT - Gill xx

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    Good to see you are back in action - all set for a new season in the promised land, two wins against Chelsea and Scumchester and we will all be feeling good

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    Good to see you up and about - hopefully some good old banter, will raise a smile or two.

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    Welcome back Clive,glad you are feeling better.

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    Good to see you back Clive and I hope the levels of stress and anxiety continue to go down (but with Leeds in PL, you never know!)

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    Hi Clive, thanks for replying, glad to see you back, sorry to hear of your stresses, being a long time Leeds supporter will be some aid for you on the road to recovery, hang in there... the futures bright the futures white MOT

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    Take it easy Clive lad.
    Enjoy the next 6 weeks off.

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