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Thread: New away strip - Purple !!

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    New away strip - Purple !!

    I heard listening to dode fox podcast that next season away strip is going to be purple !! Ok the lads would say not all they say is true but this also supposed to be well rumoured on social media

    I am hoping rumours are true.

    Personally I am really keen for something like that a bit different. I have long been an admirer of the classic Fiorentina strips - looks great on the pitch

    Not sure how that will work if we are playing Aberdeen - presumably we can both wear our away strips that day.

    I am all in favour and amongst my family we are already wanting to order the purple strips for the kids

    The away strips that go out on a limb tend to be the most popular in later years - as with the black and white spatter effect !

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    Heard this too...I believe that it us in support of Alzheimers Scotland charity? A very worthwhile charity if true.

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    Heard this a few weeks back

    Purple strips matter

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    Any ideas when this is being released? We'll be needing it for Saturday...

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