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Thread: Arbitration panel confirms relegation of Hearts & Partick Thistle

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    Arbitration panel confirms relegation of Hearts & Partick Thistle

    Hearts & Thistle lost their appeal to the independent panel and will be relegated. No surprise methinks.

    The published fixture list will stand as the league gets going this weekend and Tannadice is back on our away list for the season.

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    You can only hope they get landed with costs as well and a fine for going outside the game.

    However, while I know not every scenario can be covered in advance, the SPFL should surely start making contingency plans for 20/21...the chance of getting through that without drama must be nil.

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    IMO this is the only correct conclusion given the circumstances.
    Some may see the lack of fairness in it to certain clubs, but life isnít always fair, and neither is football.
    The best team on any given day doesnít always win. Goals that should have been but werenít donít change results etc.
    At the end of playing of the season, a line was drawn. Even if it wasnít quite fair to some thatís where the line was set.
    Options were looked into but didnít change anything.
    Now itís all done and dusted, I agree given the rules of the game, those 2 clubs, and primarily Hearts crossed the line and bills need to be paid. Dundee United et al have a case for compensation from those two for their specific legal costs.
    All member clubs have a right to claim their share of the costs incurred (if any).
    In addition, by taking the case out of the governing body, there should be penalties to be applied strong enough to dissuade others from doing likewise in the future.
    Given cash is strapped at most places and Hearts/Partick should payout on the legal costs, the only ďfairĒ thing to do is to penalize those clubs with a sizable points deduction for their upcoming season. Say 15 points to be lenient as that would still offer a sporting chance to do well if the team is up to the task.

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