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    V a r

    Simple question is it spoiling the game for you ?

    Would it be ok if they amended it a bit or would you get rid ?

    For me a good tweak and speed it up on the decisions might work better maybe like the nhl only two challenges per game dunno ? thoughts ?

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    I didnt like it at first but ive got used to it now

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    They're changing hand ball rule to something called the 'T Shirt' rule. As in if the ball hits where a T Shirt fits, it's not hand ball. So I guess longsleave T Shirts will be popular next season.

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    For me when it comes to offside, they need to change that pencil thin red line to a much thicker line, this will get rid of them measuring the strikers nose. ref, Wesleys heel at Burnley, The lines person would not have seen it if they stood next to him. I work in Engineering, if you look at things under such magnification, you are always going to see something the naked eye cannot see, football was not invented to be scrutinesed in so much detail.
    Go back to the days of clear daylight or give the benefit of the doubt to the striker, VAR has chalked off so many good goals for everyone, plus the ref should view at lineside not some hooded claw in the batcave!

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    The handball rule should be just the hand, forearm and bicep/tricep.

    The pitch side monitors should be used by the ref and his assistants. If they spend longer than 90 seconds looking at it then give the benefit of the doubt to the defending team. As its obviously not clear and obvious.

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    It's ruined the game for me, far too much TV focus placed on the whole pantomime which is often wrong and spoils the "in the moment" celebration for players & fans. The inconsistency is arguably worse than what came before.

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