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    Grealish £80 mill to Man U and Berahmah if thatís how you spell his name you know the Brentford guy in for £20 mill

    Iíd take the Brentford striker and would love to hold on to Grealish for one last season but seems unlikely but maybe just maybe it could be on due to the short close season lack of big money because of the virus effects he might just stay

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    It seems that the journalists are getting lazier by the day, av. No real investigative stuff, just regurgitating Twitter et al. So rumours are now more like pinning a donkey's tail, than ITK.

    From what I’ve heard/read from totally unreliable sources are;

    That Brentford winger.
    His teammate Ollie Watkins.
    Eze from QPR
    Lingard and Tuanzebe + cash for Jack
    That Aberdeen CH from the other summer.
    Murray from Brighton.
    Sarr from Watford

    All and sundry have also been linked with all of the above.

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    Apparently the Fans of Man U (the cockney branch) have said they dont want Grealish, hes just an average player not worth half his valuation.
    Great, would be the best signing of the summer!
    Utd fans are sooo fickle😠

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    I think Grealish will stay. The owners need to bring in 3 or 4 players that will instantly improve us and walk straight into the 1st 11.
    I predict top half if we do that.

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