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Thread: Team for Monday

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    Team for Monday

    Few options at the back but plenty beyond the back defensive positions.

    Carson; Grimshaw, Gallagher, Lamie, McGinley; Donnelly and Campbell will start I think with either Polworth or Turnbull. Up front I'd expect Long, Hastie and Watt but who knows...

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    We're abit short at the back so yes, the defence picks itself. In midfield Donnelly and Campbell are stick ons as is Hastie. Up front? Who knows. The gaffer may want to use all 5 subs to give more players gametime.

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    Not convinced Hastie is a 'stick on'?

    However, I'd be disappointed if we don't get the bus down the A9 with a winning 3 points. Famous last words I know ...

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    My concern is how many games Donnelly will miss throughout the season due to unnecessary suspensions. Someone has to get him to time his tackles better otherwise he will spend a good bit of the season sitting in the stands

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