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Thread: One for the philosophers...

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    One for the philosophers...

    would you rather be comprehensively beaten or throw away a game you shouldn't lose?

    Frustrating loss tonight but in itself not the end of the world. These will happen over the season and we'll no doubt nick our share of them too.

    The bigger concern for me is the manager wimping out of picking a proper midfield three and then ruining the front three as a result. It's fine having a big squad but we need to name a functioning eleven, shoehorning in certain folk to a blatantly unbalanced formation isn't going to cut.

    Turnbull and Hastie should be dropped for next week, big names or not, and presumably Campbell will come back if fit.

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    We looked a yard slower than Ross County. Our passing in the first half was diabolical, we had seven or eight throw ins in which we gave the ball away to County players. On this performance it will be a long hard season. It looked if our players were living off the plaudits and headlines of last season. We looked totally disjointed and lacking ideas of how to get in behind County’s defence. The majority of corners and free kicks were food and drink to their keeper we showed a total lack of variation in this area of the game.
    Dundee United game already has us looking for no less than 3 points

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    As poor as we were, especially in the first half, I don't think there was that much between the teams. They had one decent chance from a tight angle and a gift of a penalty...we had better chances for Long and Lang and our own present which we missed.

    If you're a pessimist of course it's the sign of a terrible season to come. If you're an optimist you say we held County to a toss up of a game despite being sluggish and we'll improve as we get sharper and decisions are actually made on the squad.

    Time will tell who will be right. I actually think we'll be okay - midtable rather than chasing Europe - over the course of the whole season but if we don't click in the first five 'winnable' matches we're likely to be up against it and who knows how it turns out when there's pressure on.

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    From what little I saw in the Rangers friendly, this was along the same lines.
    You might excuse this uninspired performance when the game counts for nothing, but 3 points were on offer.
    No-one got passing marks tonight.
    Our penalty was very poorly taken, and I could read that even before the ball was kicked.
    When the team keeps possession they look disinterested in doing something with the ball; a team of players hoping someone else will get the job done.
    Lang has no excuse for the red card. Surprised Seedorf got a game.

    The feeble attempt at background crowd noise didnít help.
    Otherwise the acoustics were not much different than watching the reserves playing.
    Just as well there being no commentary.

    At home, perhaps the tannoy could play the drum beating. that might wake some of the players up and remind them that they may not see us, but we can see them.

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    Even when the goalie went flying off in the wrong direction we still missed our penalty. Ach sno****s! We didn't need to lose that game!

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    Majority of ‘key’ players were AWOL, in particular Turnbull who IMO should not have re-appeared 2nd half.
    Where was Campbell, our most consistent player past TWO seasons ?
    Pains to say but Grimshaw was shocking at right back and we need an alternative.
    Donnelly continues to flatter and penalty miss sums up his performance and my opinion of player ... Rafael Scheidt

    Must question what we achieved playing warm-up matches and why Robinson NOT start season with his BEST & FULLY FIT line-up.

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    Come back Richard !!

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