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Thread: Next up Dundee Utd away

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    Next up Dundee Utd away

    They have started the season well, but we are flying.

    I can't see past another 3 points.

    They have some decent players, but it looks like their goal threat Shankland will be missing.

    Their defence can be got at, and with the firepower we have, I can't see them keeping us out.

    I've always liked the boy Pawlett, but he's inconsistent.

    Good news for us is, we still have Mallan, Wright and Jackson to come back from injury, which gives us even more options.

    Allan, Gullan etc on the bench to be called upon.

    Our defence looks solid aswell, young Doig could be the find of the season, and Porteous and Hanlon back to their best.

    Formation and team I reckon will be the same, unless Horgan's injury on Sat keeps him out.


    McGinn Porteous Hanlon Doig

    Boyle Newell Gogic Horgan (or Wright)

    Doidge Nisbet


    Utd 0-2 Hibs
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    Just thinking, the position our squad is in, if everyone was fit we could field two teams:


    Gray McGregor Jackson Stevenson

    Murray Allan Hallberg Mallan Wright


    There's also still Mackie, Tom James and the laddies who were added like Josh Campbell.....
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