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Thread: is Jack Harrison the first...

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    is Jack Harrison the first...

    player to be signed by the club 3 times in 3 consecutive seasons?

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    thats the Clive i missed

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    What about Danny Pugh ?
    We got him from Scum in 2004 until 2006.
    Sold him to Stoke.
    Stoke loaned him back to us in 2011/12.
    We resigned him again in 2012 until 2014.

    Technically he signed for us 3 times & playing for Stoke was going into hibernation so doesn't count !
    (I'll get my coat now)

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    just a mere observation blanco, i'm just warming up, its been a while LOL

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    MrsO i can't allow it if pugh went to stoke and hibernian, thats just too many clubs in between lol

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