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Thread: 2020/2021 Fixture List

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    2020/2021 Fixture List

    Subject to change due to TV scheduling.


    12: Man City (a) POSTPONED 😳

    19: Sheffield United (h)

    26: Fulham (a)


    3: Liverpool (h)

    17: Leicester (a)

    24: Leeds (h)

    31: Southampton (h)


    7: Arsenal (a)

    21: Brighton (h)

    28: West Ham (a)


    5: Newcastle (h)

    12: Wolves (a)

    15: Burnley (h)

    19: West Brom (a)

    26: Crystal Palace (h)

    28: Chelsea (a)


    2: Man Utd (a)

    12: Tottenham (h)

    16: Everton (h)

    26: Burnley (a)

    30: Southampton (a)


    2: West Ham (h)

    6: Arsenal (h)

    13: Brighton (a)

    20: Leicester (h)

    27: Leeds (a)


    6: Wolves (h)

    13: Newcastle (a)

    20: Sheffield United (a)


    3: Fulham (h)

    10: Liverpool (a)

    17: Manchester City (h)

    24: West Brom (h)


    1: Everton (a)

    8: Man Utd (h)

    12: Crystal Palace (a)

    15: Tottenham (a)

    23: Chelsea (h)

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    That’s a tough run in I hope we’re safe by May.

    First game postponed we’ll thats an extra week for new signings to settle.

    Just need fans now to fill the stadiums

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    Waiting this long , whats another week?
    As you have stated AV4, another week to get a signing done or another week if pre season fitness, I would assume villa will Jet off somewhere for a Friendly?

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    Sort of maps out our strategy for the season. Fill our boots pre xmas and late January, and hope for the best.

    I know that we have to play the better teams at some point, but all together, leaves confidence low for the weaker teams scattered in between (e.g. Olbyun and Palarse) in April and May.

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    The lack of signings so far is a worry, reportedly because clubs who are selling are expecting pre-Covid sums and those making offers are going in lower leading to an overall standoff across the market. I suspect we will get 2 or 3 in of which the most important position is a proven striker, we will need to come out of the blocks because as you say AV the run-in is tough.

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