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Thread: Article from the Mag - good article and I think how a lot feel

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    Article from the Mag - good article and I think how a lot feel

    Mike Ashley at his vindictive small thinking worst at Newcastle United

    We had our eye on the designer rails in Harrods, only to end up in the bargain basket at the Charity Shop, it could only happen to Newcastle United.
    My Mam used to say to me, ĎI donít know why you bother with them, they arenít worth bothering withí, I would explain how it wasnít a question of choice, itís just what you have to do.

    I didnít realise then that in 60 years time, her words would certainly come true.

    I have never approached a new season with such low morale and lack of enthusiasm.

    I have kept loving the club though hated watching them throughout the Mike Ashley era but we have now entered a new low. Relegation looks a real threat and the season hasnít even started.

    It would appear that any takeover again just looks like a dream and itís fair to say that things couldnít get much worse.

    We are just there to make the numbers up with the sole aim of avoiding relegation. The big six may as well enter a European Super League and do everyone else a favour.

    I understand Mike Ashley wants to sell the club and the reality is that he doesnít want to over invest in the playing staff, that said, I canít understand why he is risking going down, which would see his investment plummet to a fraction of its current worth. After 13 years he still hasnít learnt that you can buy big and still make a massive profit, as several missed targets confirm.

    So we kick off in a couple of weeks and not a penny has been spent. Could this be a sign that a takeover is in the offing, rumbling below the surface? Not a chance.

    Despite all the talk there is no one to put their money where their mouth is. Please step forward Reuben brothers, we need you.

    In reality, we are seeing Mike Ashley at his vindictive, small thinking worst, neither bothered about protecting his investment or making a go of a club that he claims he has a moral obligation for.

    He has simply bailed out and used Covid 19 and the failed takeover as an excuse not to spend anything, ably assisted by Steve Bruce. Other rivals continue to spend big amounts.

    At the moment I think we are a really good bet for relegation but canít understand why I am still bothered.

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    I just pray we are sold before he changes his mind. The one silver lining at the moment is that heís a willing seller.

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