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Thread: Pizza Hut Clown Saga

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    Pizza Hut Clown Saga

    At first Mr Pizza Hut leaves Grealish out of the the squad saying he is at the back of the queue then 2 players pull out of the squad meaning Grealish makes the squad. Iceland match Grealish makes the bench but Mr Pizza Hut refuses to play him. After the match 2 players inviting girls back to their hotel room breaking strict Covid-19 rules so have been sent straight back home and not to Denmark.

    Fate is telling you to pick Grealish in the starting line up Mr Pizza Hut. (But he would probably pick Allardyce and Hodgson before Grealish if he could get away with it as I think hates Villa )

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    Letís be honest mr Pizza Hut is just another FA yes man thatís all the old cronies want in that position like all the institutions in this backward thinking country.

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    Its' astounding how this situation is playing out, it couldn't have gone worse for GS if he'd tried and I'll bet he's now worried about Grealish embarrassing him with a great performance. His only saving grace is that it's Denmark and not a sterner test so he'll get away with being stubborn & giving him 20 mins at best.

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    He will bring him on with 1 minute left and say to him, sorry Jack, I gave you a chance and you blew it....

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