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    On another thread Mrs. O made an observation on how the early part of the season could be really tough. Agree with her. As long as we don't get soul crushed early on we'll be fine. We've had no time to gel with the new squad and we've made several changes in key positions with the most notable being White. Koch will be very good but it's asking a lot of anyone that come to an MB coached team to slide right in.

    One thing that's often overlooked in some of the doom and gloom predictions of our upcoming Prem is coaching talent. A few great coaches in the prem but many of the rest are retreads that were never very good to begin with. Some have only gotten worse over time. Even some of the new ones such as Parker are not very good. MB schooled him as well as fat Lampard.

    We still have Kiko hanging around so anything's possible. If the can throw a game in the championship he sure can do some damage in the prem.

    However, as long as we have some of the coaches we'll be running into in the prem we won't be relegated regardless of the squad.

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    Think you are right that the coaching set up is important and we also have a system of play developed over years by Bielsa so should be interesting.

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    Take no notice of Gill, she doesn't know everything, we will start well within the first 3 months have faith.

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