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Thread: Please Excuse My Absence Folks...

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    Please Excuse My Absence Folks...

    Hi all,

    My sincere apologies folks - in all honesty, I am not handling the COVID-19/Coronavirus thing as well as I thought I initially would. My anxiety levels have rocketed and I hate wearing face coverings, despite it being required more or less wherever you go. The charity shop where I work reopened 3 weeks ago, enabling both staff and volunteers to receive updated COVID-19 training plus our shop have been fitted and kitted out with all the required necessities. Sadly, we can't operate the way we used to before the pandemic and I'm really struggling to cope. On the whole, I do wear a face mask while at work and on the bus but after 15 mins, breathing starts to become difficult and I feel quite drowsy which may be responsible for a bad fall I had after leaving work - currently recovering from that fall at the moment.

    How is everybody else finding it? Take care and stay safe everyone!

    FAO Speedy: Will rejoin the PL as soon as I can.
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    Hi k.k.
    sorry to hear that you are having trouble coping with this virus. It is a bad time for our family just now because my son has lost his fiancee to the age of 30yrs old,with the funeral this week.We have a lot of restrictions here in Dartford which makes live a bit of a burden to comply with.lets hope we get back to some normality.KEEP safe k.k. and dshaw and we will get back to normal times again some day.

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