Watched the whole game and first half we dominated possession but forced turnovers and a soft pen meant they scored a little against the run of play.

Geldhard won a pen and then missed it.

We had a few players that looked on a different wavelength but they havenít been with us for long. Stoke bossed the second half and had big strong technically good players at the back - we probably havenít played against such good players before.

Even so we kept going and it will be a good lesson for them. Stevens, Alfie, Gotts, Jenkins and Geldhard all looked very very good.

Greenwood looked like it was one of those games, hossanah didnít have a great game, Drameh understandably looked on a slightly different wave length but looks quick and strong.

Even at 4-0 they tried to play the right way and didnít give up but a big step up against player who can defend and be physical and quick with it.

So overall not all doom and gloom and Alfie looks a proper player with a bit of Batty steel to him and Geldhard looked the most gifted by some distance.

Crap result but didnít fully reflect the game.