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Thread: Have Man Utd got too much money.

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    Have Man Utd got too much money.

    Reported on sky tonight they have had a bid of 91.3 mill turned down for Sancho,the lads not a bad player but 91.3 mill for Feck sake,it's a C/H they want.

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    When stories like this emerge is there little wonder the Govt looks at football and tells it to sort it's own industry out. 😕

    Truly bonkers.

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    Echo that Grumpy.

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    All the Premier league clubs have too much money perpetuated by the governing bodies view of
    the Premier league product. They believe it will lose its world wide appeal and hense telivision money
    and sponsership money if they cannot make these mega million transfers.

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    We went round to a friend s house who is a wolves fan about a month ago and whilst we were there they signed an unknown 18 yr old Portuguese striker for about 60m
    He was getting all excited whilst his wife who is an nhs nurse was looking at him in astonishment.
    Different priorities, different problems I suppose.

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    Just sent mi 20 quid to a missionary hospital in Chad that runs most of the country's medical services on 240k a year...
    Even we are rumoured to have just paid 50k more than that for a single player.
    Something ain't right in this world...

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