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Thread: Allan Saint-Maximin to Everton???

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    Allan Saint-Maximin to Everton???

    Some journo on twitter reckons we're in talks to sell him and for some bizzare reason Everton think offering us Theo Walcott will give them some kind of edge.

    I'm of the opinion this is some self promoting no mark journo and even if Everton are interested they can't afford the price we would quote for ASM.

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    Walcott is another Atsu. No thanks, But it would be just like us to sell
    Saint-Maximin on deadline day with no replacement. Especially now with him and Wilson building up a decent attack pairing.

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    Walcott is shite.

    Selling Saint Maximin tomorrow would top selling Carroll on the last day of the window that time. I hate saying it but he actually deserves to go to a much better team who play really good attacking football and the scouse mackems fit the bill perfectly.

    Don't want him to go at all but especially not there.

    Having said that, I don't think he'll go.

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    I don't think he'll go this window but he carries on as he has and he'll be flogged in next, or in summer.

    He would fit Everton but Walcott. . . **** no.

    Although, he is a Bruce type of winger to a degree.

    ****, I could see it happening.

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    It's always typical of us to sell one of our best players at the end of the window. It's happened dozens of times over the years and they have never ever been replaced by a player of remotely similar quality.

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    nope can't find nowt about that though everton are talking to Paris St Germain

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    Walcott is likely going to Southampton, so he won't be joining us - thankfully.

    Saint-Maximin is a class player, has proved himself with us and deserves to play for a better team. At the moment, Everton fits the bill. Don't think he'll go - if he does, we're f*cked.

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    Quite simply...and sadly...we would be done without the Saint. Bruce has only managed one League win without him!

    He's a class above, I think the likes of Wilson and Fraser could get on the same wavelength with him and make him and through extension us better...but if we sell him we won't be replacing with anybody near the same talent/impact.

    Unless the club gets sold he will be gone next summer imo.

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    .....FFS, have we learned nothing? Any hint of progress will be snuffed out quick fast......

    .....Its been the way yesterday, today and tomorrow until the tumour is cut out.

    Maybe not right now, but he will go if the right offer comes in with the money going into the black hole.....again.


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    1,608 the Saint, he is the one exciting player we have but why do I not give a fk.

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