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Thread: Christmas Day Doctor Who

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    Christmas Day Doctor Who

    Photo will not load through FootyMad mechanism but will work by directly using this URL.

    To begin the publicity for the Christmas Day Doctor Who two 'stills' have been released.
    There has been a bit of thought gone into this photograph. The Doctor is being held captive. As in numerous other stories of a captive that person puts one mark on the wall each day and after the 7th day draws a line through this now finished week.
    On Earth our time units are based on how long it takes the Earth to complete an orbit of the sun. We call this a year and divide it up to average 365.25 units called days, with 7 days being known as a week.

    But we do not know where in the universe the Doctor is being held captive, what the amounts of time are called and what they consist of concerning its orbit of its star. In the photograph the Doctor has marked units of 8 and then drawn a line through them.

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    Dr Who is a kids program,I hope that this helps

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    Bring back Peter Capaldi and f­uck off Chris Chibnall.

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    We don't know how long a "day" or week on Gallifrey is though, do we? Seems doubtful it would be precisely the same as Earth.

    And if you're a native of a particular planet, wouldn't you always express units of time in your native form?

    Anyway, they've ruined Dr Who. It used to credible science fiction, now it's just vacuous garbage.

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    In my opinion Genesis Of The Daleks was the best story. You could tell that the writer, Terry Nation, had been brought up on black-and-white cowboy films. Davros's Scientific Elite & guards wore black (utter b­astards) whilst the other scientists all wore white. The loading of dangerous chemicals (dangerous to those who carried them) into a rocket weapon was done by forced labour, as in WW2 when the German V2 rockets were constructed by forced labour. More people died from making the V2s than died from their implementation. The ending of the story was from Frankenstein, Davros was killed by that which he created. But of course Davros was a popular enemy who to this day is out there ready to return.

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    Also in Genesis Of The Daleks Davros's Scientific Elite and guards clicked their heels to acknowledge an order. Expressions such as "Master Race" and "purity of the race" began to be used, which have been used frequently in Dalek stories.

    There was even an Iron Cross on Nyder's uniform which was there when he spoke then when someone had replied it had disappeared, a continuity error.

    Oh yes, there was some interesting stuff in this story. The Daleks are the ultimate Nazis, from the Davros genetic experiments.
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    Exterminate. Exterminate!!!!!

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    I was having a discussion about life death and god with someone who watches Dr Who. Deary me.

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    Frank, do you expect EVERYONE to be one-dimensional?

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    I understand the whole ''Time And Relative Dimension In Space'' mallarkey. But I still havent got a scooby doo wot TARDIS stands for.

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