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Thread: Harry Maguire/England

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    Harry Maguire/England

    Against my better judgement I endured watching the England game !

    Absolutely bewildering listening to Southgate droning on about how proud he was of England's performance, if playing 7 at the back is the answer, w/t/f is the question?

    Did Harry Maguire assault the Danish players because he feared for his life?

    Sky sports reporting Maguire intends to appeal the red card on the grounds the opposition player didn't identify himself as Danish and his sister wasn't feeling well

    Has Jack Grealish publicly insulted Southgate's mother ? quite what Grealish has to do to get a game is beyond me.

    Southgate perseveres in trying to ram his trusted square defensive pegs into round creative holes rather than play England's only genuine flair player capable of spotting a pass

    Seems everyone knows Grealish is a very good player, except, perhaps, for Southgate.
    and of course West Bromwich Albion fans.

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    Got to be honest, could not be bothered to watch, even chasing the game in the last 15 mins, he brings on Henderson........🤪

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