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Thread: Coved Kick Off Times At Present

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    Coved Kick Off Times At Present

    With the clubs in League One. Two and non league pleading poverty due to lack of fans going through the turnstiles, does it really matter what time the games kick off ? If these particular games kicked off at 2 or 3 pm , they would not have to use their floodlights, therefore saving a considerable amount of money. It would make no difference to the two teams, or officials, and there are no away fans to consider either.It would also mean that the away teams travel would benefit, with most teams arriving home earlier in the evening. Is it not that simple to organise, at least until fans start coming back to live football, whenever that may be. ? I am sure it would have been considered by the EFL, so why arenít they doing it ?

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    Good post is that malwayne. Far too obvious for the eejits who run the professional game to think it through.

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    They don't think BT, they don't give a toss about anyone lower than the top 6 Clubs, yes its a very good point Mal

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