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    I think we should’ve realised the moment Whelan was brought into the building Tanner was on his way this summer. Beech has already admitted he was going to play Whelan at right back and only due to injuries did he fill in a centre back but then excelled in that position. Whelan is obviously now seen as centre back with Mellor being brought in. Tanner didn’t play most of of pre-season, I wonder if there had been earlier bids. No problem with Beechy’s comments, Tanner is more suited to playing at a higher level with less physicality, he was bullied and targeted a few times this and last season. Many are treating it as Tanner is the golden boy who did no wrong and Beech is the villain.

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    This one was down for an hour on Sunday morning for a rare bit of maintenance, hardly noticed. T’other s been down all morning - 500 Internal Server Error. Will it come back this time? Watch next week’s exciting instalment! Because stall is all it does.

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    I understand that the site has been out of action because the Moderators are undertaking a mammoth deletion of posts that the Trust may deem offensive.

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