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Thread: Now that was a result to be proud of...

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    Now that was a result to be proud of...

    3-0 at Arsenal, top 6 with a game in hand 15pts. Two more goals from Ollie, a 10/10 performance from Jack, couldnt care less if Southgate wasnt watching! His loss, the commentators were just drooling over his performance!
    In fact, should have been 4 with Var again, disalowing the usual villa goal after SJM lashed it into the net.
    A clean sheet, pleased for Martynez, had nothing to do really, lets face it, Arsenal underestimated us and got spanked.
    We have now beaten 3 of the top 6 teams, two of which on their own gaff.
    Come on guys and girls, a great day apart from my accy, lost £100 but would rather we won as we did.
    What did you think?

    For me 10/10 for every player!

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    A brilliant brilliant win, looked like we wanted it and hunted the ball down whilst not panicking when they had a lot of possession first half. Played some lovely stuff towards the end too when the confidence was flowing through every player -a great team performance.

    Jack as you said not so long ago is now free to express himself as we have quality throughout which stops the opposition doubling up on him, if we can keep improving each window then he can reach his full potential here.

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    Well said but cannot believe we have no comments on here with such positive news. Is it time for hybernation?🤔

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    I only had radio comms with videos of goals as they went in. I must say it was a very enjoyable evening. Commentary chap was very fair and very descriptive, not in the least patronising or condescending. He had an uncanny way of predicting how the game went, quite spooky with his accuracy.

    I’ve seen a highlights reel, only 15mins, but we sounded and looked superb.

    So, Gareth Mountgate reckons that Jack has no pace? Maybe he should ask Hector Bellerin on that one?

    Well done to all involved.

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    Absolutely amazing performance and fantastic that the bubble hasn't burst after 2 bad results for us.

    25 points from safety after 7 games 😎

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    at times we look world-class. amazing performance.

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    I'm over the moon. Completely different side to the one blown away by Saints. I agree 10/10 for the whole team. Every goal was class but Luiz's long pass for Barkley to volley across the face to be headed in by Watkins was brilliant.

    I don't like that we have 12 players on international duty. Stay safe boys.

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    They were brilliant. Well done Villa.

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    Fantastic performance, fantastic goals and first match on MOTD. 👍

    Well played Villans. 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

    AMAZING 💥💥💥💥💥

    Echoing Ozís sentiments hope everyone returns injury free from international duty. 🤞

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    That pass from McGinn to Grealish too was sublime, if that 11 can stay fit and keep producing those levels it's going to be a great season.

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