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Thread: 1952 Scottish Cup winning squad search

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    1952 Scottish Cup winning squad search

    On behalf of Motherwell FC I'm trying to make contact with family members/relatives of the 15 Motherwell players & officials who won the 1952 Scottish Cup.

    John Johnson, Willie Kilmarnock, Archie Shaw, Archie Cox, Andy Paton, Willie Redpath, Tommy Sloan, Wilson Humphries, Archie Kelly, Jimmy Watson, Johnny Aitkenhead, Donald McLeod, George Stevenson (manager), Willie Walker (trainer), Ben Ellis (coach).

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry, no info from me but I'm looking forward to whatever you're planning.

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    Apologies - can't assist on that front History Man / Woman. Best of luck on whatever project you're on. And, if you ever do anything on serving WW2 soldiers going back to watch the fitbaw after demob, I could give you info I was told about that by my auld fella. He was a big MFC fan.

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