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Thread: Yorkshire Ripper - there's now no Yorkshire ripper!

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    Same rule in Australia...

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    We donít have the death penalty

    We should have it

    For the confirmed, beyond doubt cases that are of such an evil level.

    Sutcliffe should have been executed had we had this law and it would make some people think about their actions.

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    Technically the death penalty still exists for treason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopelesslyoptimistic View Post
    Technically the death penalty still exists for treason.
    Incorrect - While rare, acts of treason and high treason are still punishable - the death penalty is no longer the ultimate sentence after it was scrapped in 1998 under the Crime And Disorder Act . That is very fortunate for anyone committing acts of treason as the death penalty in the past didn’t mean an injection or gas chamber.

    You could kill the Queen but you'd only get a full life tariff. Probably typical though in that they'd probably bring it back in if a 'royal' was to be killed but, they still won't for the common man/woman.

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