Macca. Bleedin brilliant and then bleedin awful. The brilliant saved us. 7
Pring. Getting to be more impressed with him overall. 7
Raggetty. What a well taken goal! Did ok, otherwise. 7
The Dane. Not so great. 6
Close. But not close enough. 6
Johnson. Average. 7
Cannon. I love this boy. 8
Tommy. Good partnership with AC. Well taken goal. 8
Williams. Tut tut. Showed down the outside every time. He obliged. 6
Marquis. No service. Brilliant pen. 7 a are
Harness. Who? No, he did OK ish. Would have liked to see him on the left flank a bit more, swapping with Williams.

Watmough. Shored it up for us. 7
Harrison. Gave their defence something to think about. 7
Mnoga. Only on the pitch for a couple of minutes. Brings some urgency. 7