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Thread: Staying in the league is our prime objective

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    Staying in the league is our prime objective

    Was what Bruce was saying post match interview last night and that we all basically should know this and need to accept it. In all honesty I didn't know this was the objective. I genuinely thought a team who can spend 40 mill on a striker and sign the likes of Miggy, Fraser and Wilson would be aiming slightly higher. Daft of me I know but I really did. I stuck up for Bruce a lot last year as I think everyone deserves a chance but this year I just can't and it's comments like this I really can't fu(king handle. He also said it's been like it for the last 2-3 years, it's been a hell of a lot longer like but how is even 2-3 years acceptable? We have pundits saying how we should be happy with were we are and what we've got. Get fu(Ked, your telling me if any of there teams Prime objective 3 years ago would be to stay in the Prem. Then 3 years later there Prime objective is still the same they would be happy? Would they Fu(k nobody would be. What's the point of even supporting a team with that objective every year? In my opinion that staying in the league objective should lie with the newly promoted teams and two or three others. Not us.

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    Which leaves anyone with common sense wondering why people continue to go to matches and support this situation. Its mind boggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toptoon View Post
    Which leaves anyone with common sense wondering why people continue to go to matches and support this situation. Its mind boggling.
    My thoughts exactly. If you pay your money you are buying into it. Our fans put up with it and sadly these days they only have fight on the Internet and social media. They have attended and watched Ashley ruin the club for 14 years.
    Who would have thought Ashley can do this when the King himself Keegan was questioned years ago over selling Andy Cole.
    Can question him after all he has done but just roll up in their droves to pay Ashley. All the sht I read about Bruce this and Bruce that, I will put my house on it that once fans are allowed back there will be 52000 there again, but we have to believe they all hate Ashley and Bruce and want better for the club. Actions speak louder than words unless your Newcastle fan.

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    That has been the plan for the 14 years under Ashley. Bruce has just admitted it.

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    We've seen during the pandemic that it is possible to stay away from games. I hope we can continue this trend a little while after the epidemic ends, so Fatso sells up sooner rather than later.

    Unfortunately, some fans will have missed it so much that they'll be willing to go, even if it means having to watch the horrendous football we are displaying under terrible management and heart-breaking ownership.

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    Staying in the Premiership is the only objective we are only just capable of hoping for with this set up at the club.

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    Aye, Jacko, you did and fair play to you. I remember me and Zoggs being just about the last ones on here still behind Pardew.

    Mind, for the life of me, when I look back now, I can't remember why!

    I can't imagine anyone is seriously still backing Bruce now?

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    It’s never going to change under Ashley.
    He’s just not interested - never was - in anything other than milking an asset - ie us, the club and the tv money.

    Bruce is a nice guy but is nothing other than a puppet and is no longer fit for purpose at this level.

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    I really just want a man as a manager who will respect the fans, the city, the club & it's history.

    Bruce, Pardew, Shteve all spouted the platitudes like a babies dolly when you pull the string in their back
    'Massive club'
    'Die Hard passionate knowledgeable fanbase'
    'yak yak yak'

    but a few weeks in - 'we're lucky to have this owner' 'focused on survival' 'yak yak yak'

    Benitez said 'I don't think we will stay in the league at this point' - a man of integrity and honour who told it like it was.

    I respect the balls of the guy to be so brutally honest. He only then went and pull off a magic trick such is the quality of the man.

    He is well loved in Newcastle for his community work and his integrity as a man.

    SBR, KK, Reoder, Hughton all men who I respected as our manager. The first two legends obviously. The 3rd a former captain and knew the club, Never gonna pull up trees but I still respected him a good man. Hughton a surprise package, a great bloke, did amazingly well should have been given way more respect.

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    Well said Rag.

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