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Thread: Well - we're 40 mins into the transfer window

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    Well - we're 40 mins into the transfer window

    We know we're going to get sod all so:

    Any big moves expected from anybody?

    Where do we think Costa will end up? (Wolves is my guess).

    Who do we think we might (probs won't) get in on loan?

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    I think with the uncertainty over whether games will continue to get played and, well, the general uncertainty anyway, there'll not be a whole lot of movement this window.

    Would be great to get another striker in, even if on loan .

    Of a more pressing concern is that Clark, Fernandez and Schar all see their contracts coming to an end this Summer. I will buy a hat the size of a house and eat it if Schar is still at this club next season.

    A very large house, at that.
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