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Thread: i wonder if a gagging order is in place

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    i wonder if a gagging order is in place

    not my normal type of crap i read but yesterday i got a new laptop and still don't have the normal pop up/*******ers installed yet ( even found a new browser to use called Opera )

    anyhoo, i saw a story regarding a married premier league footballer breaking covid rules to participate in a gay orgy in the Cheshire area

    Just tried to find the article again to show my brother but its "404 page not found"

    ****ing bollox, if a normal person gets accused of rape or any wrong doing, its always in the local rags, these namby pamby footballers get away with anything

    ooof, i cant believe my first post of the new year is about a gay orgy

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    Are you sure it wasn't just a dream?

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    Are you saying you can't still still social distance, While at a gay orgy?

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