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Thread: Next up - Sunday lunch with Rangers

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    Next up - Sunday lunch with Rangers

    Motherwell entertain Rangers with a lunchtime match at Fir Park on Sunday. Fingers are crossed for a surprise. - Link

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    We won't win this of course but I'm slightly less negative about this as I would have been had Robinson still been in charge. Hopefully we can sneak a draw with a much better performance than we've seen against both halves of the Old Firm over the last two years.

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    Our only chance to get anything from this game is for us to defend further up the pitch instead of stringing our players across our 18 yard box. We will also have to make sure we don’t make needless tackles resulting in giving away free kicks and penalties. Lastly let’s finish the game with eleven players on the pitch and at least give us a chance COYW

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    Bizarrely the combination of the Old Firm's form means I also think we have more of a chance than we might have had but that's upgrading to slim from none.

    With the league in the bag Rangers will ease up eventually or turn their eye to Europe or the cup. Will we be the ones to benefit? Probably not but you never know.

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