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Thread: Lafferty?

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    Would any “WELL” fan take Kyle Lafferty becoming one of our players on the short term. IMO he certainly knows where the net is and would be more dangerous than Cole or Long. Think Watt would also benefit from having a target man like Lafferty to play off. Would like to hear what other fans on here think

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    He's now 33 and hasn't been a regular anywhere other than Hearts, for one season, in about five years - there's the impression he's just kicking about at the tail end of his career because he doesn't know what to do next.

    If he's fit, in the mood and in the form of several years ago, only the most blinkered fan could claim he wouldn't be a massive improvement on our mediocre attack but I think the chances of him being all those things are pretty slim so I wouldn't be rushing to him by any means.

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    We have lots of questions about our squad ATM. KL provides no answers, except .. he's not the answer !

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    No thanks, would rather persevere with what we have if he is the only option, a total waste of a wage. We need a change, but not this one.

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