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Thread: Clark extends contract to 2023

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    Clark extends contract to 2023

    Always liked him for the effort, attitude and fight, but this is a generous extension IMO.

    He's 31 and is pretty average at this level. On a good day he's better than Lascelles and Benitez could get a tune out of him.

    But he's not as good as Schär or Fernandez - or even Lejeune IMO (who is thankfully out on loan getting some game time........)

    Not a bad deal for Ciaran.

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    Aye, that's very well summed up, Hughie.

    He's what you'd call a decent pro and if all of our players had the same attitude and commitment then we wouldn't be in this position. He's put in some excellent performances so you could argue he's earned his extension.

    But, aye, the fact we're lauding a 31 year old journeyman defender getting a contract extension tells you all you need to know about the state of the club.

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    Would rather Schar have been given a new deal but can see bruce letting him go he along with Lejuane is to good a player for bruce

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    I'm happy he's signed a new contract but you're right, bit generous.

    Although, keeping his attitude in the dressing room is a big bounus.

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