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Thread: Cryonics

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    What do you folk think of cryonics with regard to human beings? Maybe a very wealthy person with a currently terminal and incurable health problem gets himself cryonically frozen and has set his revival date to be when his health problem can be cured. Someone would have to look after his financial interests such that they continued to do well for a long time.

    It is clear that there are organisations that have been implementing such preservation processes since the mid 1960s, but we have yet to see any examples of a successful revival.

    If we were able to see Walt Disney walking around that would be impressive, especially given the rumour that he was one of those who had just his head cryonically frozen. Presumably Walt had set his revival date for favourable medical and cyber developments in the somewhat distant future.

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    For those cynics who doubt the efficacy of cryonics, here is Walt.

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    I don't doubt that one day in the far future scientists will be able to make a Frankenstein's monster out of spare parts but what about your soul? That would be gone as soon as you have,even if it does develop one who's will it be,the donator of the heart of maybe it's the brain,what's the point of freezing your head if it has no memory or soul? How do you explain to the big man upstairs that you now want to go back and blow your wedge on booze n birds before somebody else does?

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    There is just as much chance of there being any variant of God as there is of fairies or leprechauns existing, thus there is no such thing as a soul. A soul is purely a fictional concept by those who believe in a God.

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    True Neil, in fact the bible should only be available in the fiction or history section of your local bookstore or library.

    And Chalky, when you say; “ I don't doubt that one day in the far future scientists will be able to make a Frankenstein's monster out of spare parts” isn’t that Frank?

    As you can tell, Frank is in my bad books..

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    What,there ain't any fairies? But I've seen photos of them from at least 100 years ago so there!
    Anyway when you find yourself kneeling before the judgement seat I will be there pointing saying I told you so,don't worry though as non believers can still get in as long as they've led a good life

    As for Frank,he's probably trying to wriggle out of paying his dues again,you will have some explaining to do up there Frankie

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