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Thread: Today v Aberdeen

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    Today v Aberdeen

    No change in the starting eleven. Smith and Long on the bench but no mention of Lawless.
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    BBC say Lawless injured without providing details.

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    Deservedly one down from an appalling opening 15 minutes, we've improved since then without ever looking convinced we could level. Watt was unlucky with a shot off the post but that came from a horrific giveaway and our decent penalty claim was basically shouting after a random ricochet. We look very much like a team that hasn't equalised and 10 months and barring a complete fluke that won't be changing today either...

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    How Seedorf been given another chance when clearly and consistently utter phish is a mystery

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    Good news! Seedorf off.
    Bad news! Long on.

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    Polworth now off for apparently abusing referee after he played advantage...idiot. Book, throw etc.

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    Cole had missed a glorious chance completely against the run of play and Aberdeen finally scored from a short corner, which we have inexplicably not bothered to defend by sending two men out.

    Kelly has kept us respectable since the sending off but we've fair shot ourselves in the foot today.

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    Polworth reaction to be being fouled cost us the game ... unnecessary sending off. His automatic start every game should be questioned as becoming a liability as lacks fight. No where near the standard of last season. Campbell & Crawford battle in mid-field a man down.
    Drop him for Lawless.

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    Certainly not an unfair shout.

    A mate messaged about the relegation battle and I said our biggest problem isn't so much we get beat when playing badly, even when we're playing to basically our best (Tannadice, first half v St Mirren, 25 minutes of the first half today) we still do not look like ever getting results. Every team is awful in this league occasionally, some obviously more than others, but there can't be anyone who throws away as many points that are there to be taken as us and that's what's sending us down atm.

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    We haven’t won a league game against anyone that has scored against in a game. As soon as we lose a goal the players appear to think that the best we are going to get is a draw and our play usually reflects that after we have conceded. If we score first we then appear to go into a mindset of not losing the game, which would be alright if we continued to try and strengthen our position by scoring a second goal. However we sit back trying to protect what we have and inevitably lose a goal/goals costing us valuable points. Our next game is the classic six pointer and a game we certainly can’t afford to lose

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