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Thread: The Jack Harrison Enigma

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    The Jack Harrison Enigma

    First up I like Harrison - think he works hard, good attitude and great first touch but he is a bit of an enigma.

    The goal he scored was top class last night but in the second half there were so many times where he was one on one with space but hesitated - they got into position and he ran the ball back passing it back to our defence and putting them under pressure.

    He has so much talent but I wonder if he lacks true self belief to have a go and get the ball in early or whether that is how the system works.

    Still young and he is getting better with us but he looks like he has the talent to be a top prem player.

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    If he were a top prem player, he'd be in the chitty team.

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    Not saying he is yet but has potential to be a top player but not a superstar.
    They looked very good last night all over the pitch.

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    He is a yard of pace short to be top class, he has everything else in his locker the skill, the touch, the crossing, the shooting, the work-rate.

    More he plays at this level the better he will get. He has only had MLS and Championship full backs to play against thus far.

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    Hes an enigma.

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