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    Sam Foley

    Reported Foley signed until end of season. Interesting quotes from Goodwin as to why released Sam Foley.

    “Sam was outstanding for us last season. This season he didn’t start as well as we would have liked and that’s why he came out of the team.

    “He had a couple of really good games at centre-half, but we’ve got to be fair to the younger ones in the squad.

    “We are a club that likes to promote from the academy and we need to make sure that pathway is clear

    I just feel if I hang on to too may experienced players then it blocks that pathway for some of the younger ones

    We should have been mirroring same approach with our academy players past years. Robbo never introduced promising youth who all left for pastures new whilst we preserved with Hypton, Seedorf, Long, White, Lamie, McGinley to name but a few. Accept only for remainder of season BUT my point ...we let our academy players leave as their pathway blocked by utter phish

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    Which academy players could we have kept but didn't who would have strengthened our team?

    Robinson introduced and made a fortune from Scott, Hastie and Turnbull. Of all the criticisms of Robinson, many of which are fair, I find the one about youth utterly bizarre.

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    Over the years how often have we sold u18, i.e. Sam Campbell to name but one. We only become aware their names when sold.
    Chelsea play Gilmour, Man Utd played Rashford & Greenwood, Man City play Foden … ALL played 1st team whilst <20yrs and now FULL internationalists. We are not prepared to take a risk and continue play off form or players considered by many as poor.

    We have PJ Morrison whose pathway blocked .. Robbo played Chapman !!
    We currently have Devine, Hussain, Cornelius and Maguire
    Maguire talent only now being recognised … he was an able replacement for Polworth before our downward spiral 2019/20
    If these guys justified a contract .. play them NOW

    I'd rather watch academy players coming thru than aged professionals on their way out who were surplus to our SPL competition

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    Robinson did not play Chapman ahead of Morrison.

    Devine looked like a child among men when he made his debut and didn't impress on loan at QotS. Cornelius sold the jerseys the last time he played, Maguire has been wildly inconsistent...

    Our senior players are not good enough that youngsters who really impress in training don't get a chance. You can possibly argue that we're too cautious sometimes (Turnbull) or too eager too soon (Cadden, Clarkson etc) so don't get the balance right but in all my time watching Motherwell there is literally not one good youngster who we chose to let go and that's been proven the clearly wrong decision. Maybe it will happen with Hussain, the only one of your list who hasn't actually had a first team chance yet...but I doubt it.

    Oh and I've no idea how good or not Sam Campbell will turn out to be but unless he's the reincarnation of Baresi or resembles a young Schwartzeneger, there's probably a valid reason we're not chucking in a 16-year-old to the centre of defence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwok View Post
    Better off with Axel Foley IMO.

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