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    Sad news about Finney suffering a broken leg from a horrific challenge by a Shrews player. Wish the young player a speedy recovery. Know that all Alex fans will be thinking of him and be firmly supporting him.

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    Absolutely right. Let’s hope he’s back stronger and fitter next season. With him and Ainley both out it’s a chance for Evans to impress.

    And I was also impressed with the manager’s reaction. He didn’t mince his words in his press conference, laying the blame squarely where it belonged whilst implicitly criticising the general approach of the opposition. Top man.

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    Quite shocking news, Im surprised he was able to walk off, devastating for the lad, hope he recovers quickly from this and will be fit again for the new season. Quite right that DA put the blame where it lies, it was a cynical challenge.

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    No player should have to suffer such an injury from cynical foul play. DA spot on in his remarks.
    Best wishes to Finney. Hope you come back feeling stronger.

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