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Thread: Stevie Woods' horror

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    Stevie Woods' horror

    Today's entry from Motherwell On This Day brought back this horror...

    Tuesday 17th February 1997
    Motherwell were hammered 3-0 in a Scottish Cup replay at Ibrox. However the real chance had already been missed at Fir Park when a horrific mistake by goalkeeper Stevie Woods allowed Rangers to escape with a 2-2 draw. An own goal by Richard Gough looked to have given Motherwell their first cup win over Rangers in 36 years but Stevie Woods’ overly calm response to a pass back resulted in him presenting the ball to Gordon Durie for the equaliser.

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    I’ve never forgiven Woods for that clusterf&ck. To this day I have absolutely no idea what on earth he was trying to do there. It wasn’t even a pass back, he could simply have picked it up or else do what any goalkeeper, certainly of that era would have done, and thumped it back down the park. The ‘clearance’ was bad enough but he then even managed to deflect Gordon Durie’s sclaffed shot into the net and that was our chance gone.

    Woods made many a howler in his time with us but that topped the lot. Without doubt, the worst Motherwell goalkeeper in my time supporting the club and include Kaven, Dubourdeau and Samson in that, because Woods made errors that cost us time and time and time again over a nine year period.

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    In the words of the long gone and sadly missed Max Bygraves; "A wannaa tell you a storyyyyy" ...
    - his 'overly calm' response can be put down to a case of him thinking 'FFS I can get MY team back into this and earn a replay'.
    - he then spends these last few years plotting how Shellik fail in their 10 in a row quest; he was instrumental in letting Craig Gordon leave, and them buying haddie goalies who keep throwing the ball in their own net
    - was remotely inaugurated into Larkhall Lodge '1690 in December last year (at the same time as LSM)

    So, all in all, as they Sevco dumba55es keep saying - come home Agent Woods, your duty is done.

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