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Thread: Loan player’s awol

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    Loan player’s awol

    Where are our new loan recruits ?
    They are professional footballers and assume train daily to maintain fitness and ready for selection.
    You have to ask why we gave these guys contracts, when none of them seem to be fit enough to play. We needed players who could come in and make immediate impact. Seems like a total waste of money.
    We’re they Robinson recommendations that Alexander doesn't fancy?

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    Foley was out of the St Mirren team despite his excellent last season because his 'legs had gone' if you believe the Pie and Bovril forum...Nolan has only played a couple of times since a cruciate ligament tear apparently. How fit they were on arrival and whether they're close to playing I've no idea. And the rest who knows.

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    Someone must know though ... surely?!

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