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Thread: Nil Ranger is back

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    Nil Ranger is back

    Nile Ranger: Southend United re-sign striker on "incentivised contract"

    Southend United have re-signed former Newcastle and Swindon Town striker Nile Ranger on "an incentivised month-to-month contract".

    Ranger has been plagued by off-field issues throughout his career and was released by the Blues in 2018 because of "reoccurring disciplinary issues".

    The 29-year-old had been playing for Barnet Sunday League side AC United.

    Ranger scored 10 goals in 49 appearances in his first spell with the Shrimpers between 2016 and 2018.

    "I know Nile will divide opinion but I can only speak as I find and his attitude has been first class," Southend boss Mark Molesley told BBC Es***.

    "He had to earn the chance to train at our training ground, he had to earn the chance to train with the group and he'll have to earn the chance to play.

    "There are still some big hurdles in front of him but if he keeps showing the same attitude I think he's got all the potential and tools to be a really exciting signing for us.

    "We are placing a lot of trust in him but with that comes a lot of life experience. I think Nile's at a stage now where he needs football more than football needs him."

    'People will be waiting for a slip-up' - Analysis
    BBC Es*** sports editor Glenn Speller

    Nile Ranger back at Southend United was the rumour which would not go away and the Blues have jumped into the deep end by offering him any kind of deal.

    The fact it is an incentivised contract gives them some security but he will divide opinion and there will be those who say a leopard never changes its spots.

    The fact he still wants to be a professional footballer and has worked this hard to even get a chance says a lot for Ranger and his love for the game.

    But with this signing, Southend will have to accept that a lot of people will be watching and waiting for the tiniest signs of a slip-up.

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    He was shit. People talk about wasted talent...but I never saw it. Other than the Arsenal 4-4 game when he ran around a bit and chested that pass to Nolan for that late chance that went just past the post, he was a shocking striker.

    Add to that he was one of the biggest wankers ever to play for us.

    He's had chance after chance and he's blown every single one of them. He'll blow this one, too.

    Fucking arsehole, he is.

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    Always made me laugh when Pardew kept giving him endless chances yet never gave Xisco 1 chance i know he wasnt the greatest striker ever but he was streets ahead of Ranger

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    Aah, the legend that he was...

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    Not worth a mention. Just a super waster.

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    He is what you Brits would call a... wait... what is it.... Oh yeah!

    A "Massive T0sser"

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    Oh aye, he is a massive tosser.

    I reckon his "trying" is more based on he's realised he's "career" is effectively over within 5 years and he's got nothing built up to fall back on.

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