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Thread: What a class club Stanley are

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    What a class club Stanley are

    Can’t believe it’s a year gone

    Club have retweeted it with a message,

    Rotherham United
    Red heart| We will never forget the compassion and love that Accrington Stanley have shown towards Andrew, his family and our football club.

    Thank you for treating him as if he was one of your own.

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    Accrington Stanley are a class act set of fans, their response to Andrews passing, will always be remembered.
    I always look at Accringtons results, looking for them to have won.

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    Proper club and fans

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    "Accrington Stanley ! Who are they ?"

    And the answer is "A class act"

    Others take note

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    True class 👏👏

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    Yes class indeed

    No surprise they are near the top of their league now it's more of a level playing field in terms of budget

    We've got them to thank for giving Barlasser, Crooks and Rodak a chance

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    Great club and fans. Hope we can be playing em next season in the championship.

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    A truly exceptional family orientated club from top to bottom. Salt of the earth as they say.

    How about we get our club to have a pre season friendly with them to say thank you, that’s providing we’re not in the same league next season.

    Thank you to all at Accrington Stanley.

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    I was thinking about this anniversary when I noticed it coming up last week, it came up as a suggested video link on youtube

    I remember the day well as it was just after my birthday.
    Very mixed emotions, after watching it, good memories of a very good awayday but thoughts of the tragic circumstances that occurred.

    At the time we'd already been talking about what good club Stanley had shown themselves to be pre-match, but the club and fans showed themselves to be a different class post-match.

    Good luck this season Accrington, and let's hope for another top class awayday next season, fingers crossed all round that it's because you've joined us in the Championship.

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    Great little club,put a lot of the greedy big clubs to shame.

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