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Thread: Millers versus Watford Tuesday 16th Kick Off Time Changed

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    Millers versus Watford Tuesday 16th Kick Off Time Changed

    Just seen,
    Watford announce that the Millers have kindly agreed, to fetch the kick off time to 7pm on Tuesday 16th March 2021, instead of 7.45pm, for their away game at the New York Stadium.
    They announced that the game can be watched, via sky red button service.

    Tuesday 16th March 2021

    ................... Millers versus Watford 7pm kick-off......................

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    It’s the Watford gap

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    I can't believe we've agreed to this. Surely as an ex-fitness coach PW knows the extra 45 minutes rest after our efforts the Saturday before against Coventry would have been crucial to our player recovery? The only plus side is that we will have an extra 45 minutes to prepare for the Bristol City game the following Saturday.

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    No doubt they’ll forget to tell the ref

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    In that case I suggest we go for a win vs both Cov and Wartford and settle for a conservative draw down at Ashton Gate.

    We can't win them all
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