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Thread: Queens vs. Hibernian Live on BBC Scotland

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    Queens vs. Hibernian Live on BBC Scotland

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    William Collum is the referee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALBERTZ_11 View Post
    Played well for around 30 minutes in the first half but after that a stroll in the park for the Hi - Bees. Highlight for me was the superb goal my young Maxwell with a nutmeg and a lovely composed finish.

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    Well I'll give credit when credit is due and Johnson has performed wonders this season, - but last night he once again let down the support with his woeful use of substitutes.

    First of all I don't understand why he didn't play Mebude from the start, - given he'd been handed a get out of jail free card?

    Anyway, Queens played well for about 25 to perhaps 30 minutes, - but then the screw was turned and a change was required at the 40 minute mark to stem the tide and allow us to get to half time at 0-0.

    Alas that didn't happen and we went in 0-1 - albeit to a scrappy goal.

    This game would be the perfect one to use as an analysis for when to use subs, - because if Mabude had been brought on at the 40 minute mark, - then Hibs would have had to change tack and watch his speed.

    The second half was like watching a one sided boxing match with Queens on the ropes unable to land a punch.

    Why did Johnson not react quicker in bringing on Jones? If we'd had 3 flying players on the park, - it might ( I emphasise might) have been a totally different game?

    Gerrard must also have been wondering why his starlet was left on the bench so late? He must have been desperate to see how he competed against top class opposition. Will he lend players in future?

    Anyway, - it was a miss-match last night and Hibs could have won by six or seven goals, - but as football is a game that can change in an instant, - why did Johnson not try his luck with Mebude and Jones earlier?

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    Slightly unfortunate to go into the break one down but Hibs truly showed why they are currently the third best side in the country in the second half. No disgrace losing to a side of genuine quality. Learn and move on for the remainder of the season.

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    Obviously I haven't seen much of it this season, but up until 2 unjust sending offs a couple of games ago, 4-4-2 with Obileye holding in midfield seemed to be working well, so why the change to 3 at the back? I thought both Hibs goals in the 2nd half, the passes were through gaps that wouldn't have been there in a back 4.

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    I was gutted to go in 1-0 at the break but Hibs clearly took the opportunity at half time to reflect and adapt their game and in the end turned out a really professional performance. Just keeping it relatively simple when possible and stretching the play.

    I agree about the substitutions. 5 minutes into the second half you could tell that something needed to change whether formation wise or substitutions. Joseph seemed one of our more lively players in the game and was consistently winning those bouncing ball heading battles in the midfield to quickly win us back the ball. It was missed when he went off. Dickson wasnt really doing anything and I thought Ayo was a bit of a spare part and never seemed to get a foothold into the game. Jones was put on at a point where he had to make an instant impact and it felt like he was rushing when he was on the ball.

    Great to see Maxwell grab a goal and again Gibson with a decent performance. Single handily was on the end of the majority of our defensive headers

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