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Thread: Deja vu anyone?

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    Deja vu anyone?

    Aston Villa Football Club has emerged from the 2nd level of English football. The rebuild has began

    A Goalkeeper plucked from the reserves at Arsenal.
    A midfielder converted to a Right Back.
    A previously ‘injury prone’ CB stays fit and excels.
    A ‘run all day’ midfielder from Hibs, for chicken feed.
    One Brummie-born player in the starting X1, and a Superstar one at that.

    That’s the 1975-1982 rebuild folks, not this version. Are the similarities purely coincidental?

    Probably, but it’s still mad.

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    I guess they have to be, really. But I like it.

    Wish they'd push the run all day midfielder further forward. 3 goals for Scotland and a blinder from 35 yards.

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